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Glenn Griffith

trombonist, teacher, composer

Eugene, Oregon

(formerly of Columbus, Ohio)
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Spencer Butte
Jazz Band
South Eugene
Jazz Band 2 & Jazz Band 3

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Spencer Butte Jazz Band will begin on
Thursday, Sept 23rd, 7:45 am
This is for returning students and new students

South Eugene Jazz Band II will begin on
Wednesday, Sept 22nd, 8:00 am
This will be a meeting for all students who
want to play in jazz band 2 or jazz band 3.
All returning jazz band 2 students will have a spot in
the band again. We will then fill the empty seats
with new students. There might be auditions for new
students who want to move up to jazz band 2.

Joe Manis will again direct jazz band 3. It will most
likely be a rhythm section and several horns. Students
who want a smaller band experience might enjoy
playing in jazz band 3.


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